Tuesday, August 31

rain, rain go away.

today was the first day of fall semester...

and it wasn't the best.

first off, i woke up shivering at 6 am.  yes it was pouring and freezing, and it is still august.  my window was wide open with my fan bringing in the cold air. 

second, my roommate knocked on my door this morning and said "grab your wallet and a letter {proof of address} and meet me downstairs."  so i ran downstairs and to my surprise  I GOT A BOOT on my car at my own apartment.  luckily the guy was still there so i only had to pay $25 instead of $70.

third, a class i need to get in is completely full.  yes, the waiting list is above 45 peeps. 

and to top it off...it rained poured the whole day with a little bit of hail. 
 my jeans were soaked, my feet were swimming in my ballet flats and my hair was slathered to my face.  my econ class smelled of mildew. ha!

it was just one of those days that i wanted to stay in bed and watch sex and the city with a bowl of soup.

 tomorrow i will be prepared with my bubble umbrella and boots :)
have a great tuesday!
xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


Rorie said...

Even after that rough day you still keep optimistic!! Have a better Tuesday=]

Krystal said...

Awesome picture for this post! Hope today is going substantialally BETTER!!!!!

p.s. rain boots??? i've always wanted some!

btd. said...

Man that kind of sucks. Too much rain! I'm sure it'll get better. :)