Monday, August 23

in exactly one week...

...i'll be a junior in college.

when did that happen?  

i feel like i just started college yesterday and now i'm going on my third year.
i think my life is going too fast for me, but i guess i like it?

one more week of a lot of hours at work and summer freedom, then time to put on the smart glasses and hit the books once again.

oh and it was one of my besties birthday last week.  late shout out to her!  happy birthday girl.
i got her an elephant!  well an adopted one from wwf.  check it out, they make cool, fun gifts!

i'll blog later.
xoxo, jamie

picture(s) via {weheartit}


Bree said...

School goes by ridiculously fast! I cAn't wait to get back, although I still don't start for another 3 weeks. But I can't wait for my classes, I've got all good ones that I'm loking forward to!

btd. said...

Wow! Congrats!
That's how I felt about high school when I entered my senior year (just this year).

Rorie said...

What an amazing gift!!! I am def. going to do that for one of my friends!!! So cute. Goodluck with school!

Creativechaos said...

I can't believe I'm going to be a senior! Holly smoke, when did THAT happen? Good luck this coming year.


Ps. I want a pet elephant SO badly!

Effi said...

haha this's the coolest gift EVER!
great post!
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Roxy said...

I'm about to start my junior year as well. Time really does fly!