Wednesday, July 28

Parlez-vous français?

sorry i'm posting this a day late but i know none of you mind.  

so about this past week...

i had a blast!  it was so good to see the family.

i know that i said it was going to just be me and my grandma...but i lied.  sorry.  i had to keep it a secret since grandma apparently reads this every so often.

here is the truth...

i tricked grandma that i was the only one coming out because my parents were going on a trip.  my grandma's siblings all said they were busy and wouldn't be able to fly out.  and my cousins {who live in vegas} said they would be busy on business trips and sick children.

turns out...we were all there for her birthday :)  my uncle drove me to her house while all her siblings {all five of them bless there hearts} and my family snuck through the back gate to her back porch to surprise her!  

lucky for us grandma {who turned 80!} didn't have a heart attack she just cried tears of happiness.  it was such a sweet moment to witness i wish you all could have been there.

the next morning we hired a french chef for brunch and all my cousins showed up to surprise her too.  the meal was absolutely delicious and to top it off he really spoke french!  we had cake, opened presents and talked for hours.  

no worries, we did end up swimming a few times but vegas is hot!  about 115 degrees one day.  i give people credit for living out there all summer.

overall the trip was a success!  i can't wait to go out again next year!

xoxo, jamie

p.s. is anyone else excited for step up 3d!?

p.p.s. some pictures to come soon!


Amoree (Rorie) said...

haha oui, je parle français un peu!!!

I am excited for step uppp 3d hahah!!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww! how sweet! What a sweet surprise. I know your grandma is still probably smiling about it up to now. We threw my mom a surprise party last year and she still talks about it this year. hahahaha. What a sweet family you have. =)

*D* said...

sounds so sweet! your grandma must have been so happy! I love surprise parties. :) and yes, i am excited for step up 3d too!