Tuesday, June 8


so i have a love/hate dislike relationship with a few birds.

they thinks it's funny to start talking around 6 a.m.

i don't think they are funny.

luckily i have enough pillows to drown out their conversation for 30 minutes before i have to get up.

{please} birds if you could hold your chatter for 30 more minutes i would appreciate it!

i guess on a positive note, i have a natural alarm clock?!

xoxo, jamie

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Amoree said...

Weird- I have the same thing except its with construction... ugh!

Jill said...

Try ear plugs! :) I am such a light sleeper, almost anything wakes me up.
I found you from 20SB! Feel free to check out my blog sometime:www.lifeaftercollege3.blogspot.com

Sarah Tucker said...

have the same problem! the worst - pigeons. rats with wings.
ear plugs are a gift from above.

leigh ashley said...

aww... i love that sound! maybe not if you don't want to get up though... i can understand that!! :)

Dave Lucy & Marley Gurney said...

Ugh tell me about it! Same problem. I put a little fan in my room to drown out the sound! Works like a charm!

natalie said...

ugh. that is quite the annoying wake up call.... even if it is all natural. sometimes that uninterrupted 30 minutes can do a world of good!