Thursday, April 8


i know i do a lot of posts, but i don't care...

today has been well, productive.

finished a paper, revised another, went to all my classes and even managed to smell like subway, sweat, cat and dog all in one (& believe me, all these smells linger).  this day couldn't go any better and i'm sure i couldn't smell any better either.  boys are just running to smell my pretty self.

oh and can i add that i looked terrific too?!  such a swell feeling that i look and smell so pretty :)

on a side note the puppies today were sure cute!  
i want to adopt eaton, he was such a sweetheart.

xoxo, jamie

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

AH Those puppies are so cute. I want one so bad right now... this image didn't help me any in terms of trying not to think about getting one!

Barry said...

Nothing turns a guy on more than a woman wearing the sweet scent of L'Eau de Puppy.

It even beats the smell of Chanel Subway No. 5.