Saturday, April 10


i'm tired.

yes, i stayed up too late last night 

yes, i am now {slightly} regretting it.

yes, i did just work an eight hour shift.

yes, i still need to drive home for a family event.

& yes i'm going out again tonight.

what?  it's the weekend! 

i'm going to live it up!

xoxo, jamie

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Barry said...

YEAH BABY! Live it up, that's what I say. Pull the occasional all-nighter. These are the days you'll fondly look back upon when you're older and remember when you had the energy to do it.

Hell, I'm forty-five and planning to hit a few (legal) raves again this summer that should result in much lost sleep. I love hanging with the twenty-somethings. Why? 'Cause they party harder than the forty-somethings and stay out past 11:00. :)

Hope you enjoy your night Jamie!

Kayla said...

I left you a gift on my blog!! Check it out!