Wednesday, April 7


let's just say that high heels and mats that
have holes in them are NOT a good combination.  oops!

xoxo, jamie

oh and on a {funny}side note...the boy next to me in the library
keeps nodding off.  i would take a picture but my phone won't 
let me turn off the sound.  it's funny though, his head 
keeps bobbing back and forth. hehe!


Barry said...

You make me laugh! :)

Amoree said...

Ugh- My phone won't let me turn off my sound ever either, and I always want to take embarrassing pictures of people. Cute ones not mean ones.
Stupid blackberry.
What time is your library open until!?

xoxo. Amoree

Be one with the Fro said...

hahahaha I realized that yesterday ... big no no :0)

happy weekend!