Wednesday, March 17

maybe i should stop watching sex and the city. 

it's making me have an itch to hop on a plane and fly to new york.

lucky for me...i'm a poor college student living off of canned soup.  

 looks like nyc will just have to wait.

xoxo, jamie
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Lady V said...

Lovely little blog here. Came from 20sb! Your too cute! I wish I was in NY right now;)

Meighan said...

I stumbled upon your blog here.. so glad I did! It's fantastic!!

And I fully agree about SATC and NYC.. I grew up just outside the city and I miss it everyday!

-city-love- said...

omgosh, i adore that city. i've been lucky enough to go the last 6 summers. i've got my countdown on until i go again (37 days!)and i got my return ticket for a grand total of $14 from toronto to nyc..woo!! lol

Jessica. aka frank. said...

Sorry to make you jealous! haha