Friday, February 26


How today has been an AMAZING day...

.slept in to a decent hour.
.got a good workout in.
.aced my quiz.
.the sun is shinning.
.cleaned my room and bathroom.
.got a text from an old friend.
.found out jasper was adopted.
.received pictures & a letter from david.

....and it's only 3 o'clock. I LOVE days like this.


Brittany Theora said...

go girl!
you amaze me. love you!

Barry said...

Your attitude is so uplifting! And I adore the pic of you and Elvis on the Puppy Love post!

brittyd said...

Jamie! Cute Blog! I love it :) Now we can be blogging buddies....even though I hardly ever post...ha. Volunteering at the humane society sounds SO fun! I want to come!