Friday, February 12

Mardi Gras & More

Mardi Gras with the girls! 

Puppy ♥

Troy was a little too strong for Tash!


Tash & I with the pups!

our little 2am hospital trip

despite him being in pain, he still manages to make this face

 the roomies at Dear John


Caitlyn Passey said...

So why was Clayton in the hospital?

Caitlyn Passey said...

Oh and was Dear John good?

Jessica. aka frank. said...


Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

he's alright, just took a little trip to the hospital because his blood sugar went a little too high and he didn't feel good. but he's fine now :)

Barry said...

Great photos, especially Puppy ♥ pic at the top. You're very photogenic.

I'm glad Clayton's okay. I've bben through this with others and it's not fun.

ClaytonJenkins said...

Yeah you should probably take those pictures down..... haha