Sunday, October 18

Thank You!

Words can't express the love I have towards my parents.  This weekend was great, I went shopping with my mom and we grabbed something to eat at Winger's afterwords.  I woke up Sunday to the smell of my dad's amazing pancakes!  Mom made dinner and desert and gave us a Halloween present.  Thank you mom and dad, you are the best!  Love you so much!


*~Alicia Bob~* said...

Your parents are so cute! I ran into your mom right before I moved to Provo. She's so awesome! I will never forget all the good times we used to have when we were little!! I hope all is going well Jamie!

R V Jenkins said...

This was a great trip with with the Moran Family(Sarah)in Moab. This picture was taken at Dead Horse Point. One day we all rode our Mtn bikes to Gemini Bridges you kids were awesome (you didn't think so at the time). That same trip we went to Arches and hiked to Landscape Arch and others in the area. We also went to Canyonlands for some more hiking. Moran's left and we did another Mtn bike ride to Hurrah Pass.
Fun days!